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We recruit only retired, practicing or student nurses and midwives that have experience with multiples, premature babies and children with additional needs.


It’s hard to plan around a new-born. So give us a call and we will get help to you as soon as we can.


You never know when that wall of exhaustion will hit. We do short shifts, long shifts, weekends, overnight stays.. whatever it takes for you to feel human again.


Life is better with help

We offer packages to help with new-born specific problems
Help around bathtime and bedtime Feeding support I Calming the colicky baby I Wean baby off the pacifier I
Helping siblings adjust to the new baby I Support through postnatal depression
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We can help with

Care of the new-born

While you work, rest or spend time with the other children.

Care of the older children

While you play with the baby

Household chores

While you rest and enjoy family

Shopping and errands

Because we all need to fuel up

About Us

Helper Bees was created by a children’s doctor with a desire to help families have happier lives.
Dr. Bugembe explains why she setup Helper Bees
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All our Helper Bees are

We appreciate how important it is that the person you bring into your home is trusted and experienced. We ensure that all our babysitters are.

  • Experienced
  • Insured
  • Background Checked
  • Reference Checked


The Benefits

Having help in the new-born period can give you the opportunity and energy to focus on bonding with your baby, making great memories, being the amazing parent that we know you are.

  • Recover from the delivery
  • Establish breastfeeding
  • Catch up on sleep
  • Reduce postnatal depression

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Sam, father of three

“When my third son was born, the older two still had bundles of energy. Having help with the baby allowed us to give the older ones some attention and made it easier for them to get used to their brother”

Sandy, mum of Kayla

“Knowing there was someone coming to help got me through the darkest days, and allowed me to focus on my daughter”


“Leaving the special care baby unit with twins was very scary, knowing there was someone to call for help, gave us the confidence to go home”