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We are a unique new-born nanny service providing short term support with childcare and household tasks for families with new-born babies (0-12 months).


What we offer

New-born care

Let us look after baby while you take a few hours to catch up on sleep, wash your hair or just have some me time.

Help with Multiples

Juggling twins or triplets? Feel like you have more babies than hands? Our nurses will be happy to help

Childcare for Siblings

Let us look after (entertain, feed, put to bed) your other children while you get baby into a routine.


Let us stock your fridge with nutritious, easy to defrost meals for you and your family.


Let us tackle the every growing pile of baby grows, bed sheets and old clothes

Washing up

Let us clean that dried up porridge off the 3 day old pan.

Grocery Shopping

Send us to the shops with your shopping list to replenish your cupboards

Newborn Expert Advice

Why not check out our YouTube channel with videos from our very own Paediatrician


use a Helper Bee


Find a trusted Helper Bee in your area. See which of your Facebook friends or other parents in your area have booked them in the past


Chat to your Helper Bee before booking them


Become a member for free! Post a job for free! You only pay when you choose a Helper Bee that suits your budget requirements and confirm a booking


Our Helper Bees are screened by a paediatrician to ensure they are qualified and safe to work with your family. All our Helper Bees have an enhanced background check and current references which you can easily see on their profile.


All our Helper Bees come from a range of childcare backgrounds from child minders to retired midwives to bring their range of experience to your family home


How it works

  1. 1 Post a placement: select a start and finish date, give us your location and brief summary of how we can help
  2. 2 Within 24 hours we will contact you some profiles of Helper Bees who will be available to help
  3. 3 Select someone you like and message them directly to discuss the terms of your placement and confirm the booking
  4. 4 Pay for the placement into our escro account
  5. 5 Put your feet up and have a cuppa, help is on its way!
  6. 6 Release payment when the placement is complete and you are happy

A littl bit

About Helper Bees

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Looking after a new-born does not leave much time for household tasks and looking after your other children. Not everyone has the luxury of family close enough to help, but even so, you may be just too exhausted to want family or friends around. All you need is someone to help out around the house for a few hours a day, for a few days to get you back on track.

We provide that little bit of help you need to catch your breath and feel human again!

I’m Tamara Bugembe, founder of Helper Bees. As a consultant paediatrician, aunt, godmother (and fingers crossed one-day mother) I see many exhausted parents who could do with a teeny bit of rest. While working at the hospital, I also meet many experienced, trusted potential helpers (trainee neonatal nurses, health care assistants, play specialists etc) who are passionate about helping families and could do with a bit of extra cash. That’s why I set up Helper Bees – matching families to people who can to experienced people who can help. After all, who better to look after your precious family and home than someone who truly understands babies.

Small babies are particularly vulnerable because they cannot tell us when they are feeling unwell or need something. They are fragile and when sick, can deteriorate very quickly. Poor practice can quickly unravel the routine you’ve established and create months of stress. This is why I realised that the best people for Helper Bees may not just be nannies, but paediatric, neonatal and midwifery nurses (who are practicing, training or retired) who have experience with babies and their families.



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