AYBU? Parenting internet lingo explained

There is a lot to learn when you are preparing for a new baby. One thing you probably didn’t think you’d have to learn is a whole new language. The parenting internet lingo, though essential to navigating the sites, can be a bit … hmm how shall I put it…. obscure. While you may be totally up to date with your LOLs and OMGs, parenting speak has a whole different dictionary of its own.

As a doctor, I hear acronyms and abbreviations all day at work, but even these abbreviations had me stumped! Don’t believe me? Have a go at deciphering these comments lifted from several parenting sites: “YANBU about the nursery giving DS a cheese sandwich!”
Or “AFAIK it’ll sort out your constipation, if not JFGI”
Or even “…my DD, her DF and my DFIL all disagree with me!”
Confused? Join the club.

After some heavy tutoring from the kind folks at MumsNet, I’ve mastered some basics and compiled a list of the most commonly used parenting abbreviations below. While they may sound comical to someone who has not had a baby yet, when you are juggling a crying child, a home and your sanity every second counts.

So don’t comment, don’t say anything, just learn them.

You’ll thank me when you are effortlessly chatting to other parents about how they solved their exploding nappy problem, and feeling like one of the gang. Comment below if you’ve come across any more that you’d like us to explain.

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