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Designer Jeans

I have a friend who chooses to buy her child designer shirts and jeans. When it comes to shopping for her children, quality, comfort and the visual impression her children will make with their clothes are extremely important to her. While you may scoff, she explained to me that this choice has made her a […]

Helper Bees Values

Helper Bees was created to help families during one of the most special but trying times of their journey. We appreciate the trust it takes to let someone into your home, care for your children and handle your possessions. We only recruit student nurses, midwives and health visitors from London’s leading nursing schools, or nurses who […]

The Helper Bee Story

Since Helper Bees isn’t your ordinary babysitting agency, I thought it would be good to start with explaining what we do and how it a came about. I love babies! I guess this is obvious given that I am children’s doctor after all, but really this is important to the story, so stay with me… […]