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Saying goodbye: how to speak to your child about death

  Discussing a loss in the family with children can be emotionally and physically challenging, especially if that loss is a baby.   Instinctively, we want to protect those around us, sheltering our children from the horrors and incomprehensible losses of the world.  However, avoiding the subject can be more damaging than you may realise. […]

Why it is important to make time for date night

Date night.  Those two little words may seem like a faraway possibility especially if you have just become a new parent.  From endless feeding cycles, to five thousand loads of washing just finding the strength to stay awake is exhausting enough! But why is date night so important?  And why should you make time for […]

Three time-saving apps for new parents

Having a baby can be incredibly exhausting, which is why at Helper Bee’s, we are always finding ways to help make that wonderful experience just a little bit more manageable. It may seem a rarity to make time to even look at a phone nevermind use it to help with parenting; but it can be […]

Why I called a Mental Health Helpline

  A personal note from the Founder, Dr Tamara Bugembe Most people associate calling a mental health helpline with reaching crisis point, but telephone helplines can be very useful long before you get to that point, especially if you can’t get out the house with your newborn and are worried about Post-Natal Depression (PND). This […]

How Post Natal Depression Changes Your Baby’s Brain

This is not an easy post to write. The last thing I want is for people to feel guilty and responsible for having Post-Natal Depression. No parent chooses to suffer from depression and every parent wants the best for their child, so writing about the effect a parent’s depression can have on their child’s development […]

5 Myths about Post Natal Depression

Despite the vast amount of information available about Post Natal Depression (PND), there are still a lot of misconceptions about this illness that results in the tragic and avoidable stories we hear.  So here are Five Dangerous Myths about PND and the truths that may have the potential to save a life. Myth #1: PND […]

Just one night of sleep

While going back to work may seem like a genius way to escape the madness at that a howling infant at home brings, think carefully before you rush into it. Return to work at the wrong time, and it may cost you your job. Whether it is your turn to tend to the baby or […]

Surviving The Dummy Break Up

Pacifiers, dummies, binkies, soothers,….. whatever you choose to call them, nothing divides parents like the debate around their use. Parents either love dummies or hate them! While there is medical research to support their use (better for immunity and associated with lower rates of sudden infant death),  there is also research highlighting their detrimental impact […]

Designer Jeans

I have a friend who chooses to buy her child designer shirts and jeans. When it comes to shopping for her children, quality, comfort and the visual impression her children will make with their clothes are extremely important to her. While you may scoff, she explained to me that this choice has made her a […]