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Preparing for twins

Though it can be exciting to find out that you are having twins (or triplets, or quadruplets), it is not unusual for the news to knock you for six. It can be a bit overwhelming to know how and where to start preparing. Carrying more than one baby immediately puts your pregnancy into a higher […]

Confessions of a childless paediatrician

Confession: My name is Tamara I’m setting up a new-born childcare agency and I have no children. I’m also a child less paediatrican (but we’ll talk about that later on). I really wish I had a relate-able story about how the challenges I faced with my new-born baby inspired me to set up my new-born […]


Welcome to the Helper Bees blog. In the 18 months since this business was conceived, I have had tons and tons of support from parents, grandparents, and friends of new-born babies all over the country. You’ve helped shape and build a service that is bringing smiles to exhausted parents all over the UK! And so […]

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Helen Doe, Babysitter