Why it is important to make time for date night

Date night.  Those two little words may seem like a faraway possibility especially if you have just become a new parent.  From endless feeding cycles, to five thousand loads of washing just finding the strength to stay awake is exhausting enough!

But why is date night so important?  And why should you make time for your partner each week?

Date night can save your relationship!

A bold statement but making time for date night can help rekindle your love for your partner.  For any new parent, we understand only too well, the time and energy that goes into having and raising a baby.  Time spent with your partner suddenly seems less important in comparison to raising this new little being who is fully dependant on you!

However, although your partner may not wear nappies, they still need that precious ‘alone’ time with you.  Having a baby affects parents both emotionally and physically, which can be forgotten when you’re running around trying to feed, clean, cook and breathe all at the same time.  Creating a weekly date night, gives both of you something to look forward too, allows you to rediscover why you fell in love, offers opportunity to reminisce and provides a specific night where you can have adult conversation!

Relieves stress

Any change of scenario can be as good as a holiday!  It may seem incredulous but making time for you and your partner can relieve stress levels.  By giving both of you a break from parenting, it can boost your morale and raise your energy levels through the opportunity to re-establish your solidarity as a parenting team in an adult environment.

Provides an ego boost

From sleep deprivation, to those slightly pungent baby aromas; it is certainly common to feel that you are not attractive anymore. Use date night as the opportunity to have a long and indulgent bath, get dressed up and spray a little perfume; creating an ego boost that you so very deserve!  Your partner will certainly notice the difference and will fall down at your feet with endless compliments!

 Rediscover your relationship

Although, it may seem like you have known your other half for an eternity, becoming a parent may have changed your overall relationship. Taking the time out to celebrate and laugh about the growth you’ve experienced, and the new layers you’ve uncovered can truly rekindle that fire you had at the beginning of your relationship.

Having a baby is the most nerve-wracking, exciting and uncertain experience a parent can ever go through.  From a catalyst of emotions to unexpected changes to your body as well as your life style, babies certainly make an impression from day one!

Use ‘date night’ as the opportunity to talk through your worries, strengthen your relationship and rediscover the qualities that bought you together in the first place.  Babies can put an incredible strain on relationships but making time, even if it’s just for a few hours a week, can have an enormous impact on how you build a long-lasting future together both as a couple an.d as a family

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