Designer Jeans

I have a friend who chooses to buy her child designer shirts and jeans. When it comes to shopping for her children, quality, comfort and the visual impression her children will make with their clothes are extremely important to her. While you may scoff, she explained to me that this choice has made her a better mother. It stopped her from fretting when most of her son’s food lands on his top, or shouting when he is skidding around on the grass, because she believes that the high-quality of his designer gear guarantees that his clothes will endure many accidents and many washes. She also believes that wearing the right clothes will open doors for him and get him the play-dates he needs to have a successful network of friends as he grows.

I may not buy designer gear, but I am not that different to her. I believe that it is important to stimulate and encourage a child’s development. So when selecting which toys to buy for my nephews and godchildren, the decision boils down to whether or not the toy will promote the development of certain skills.

What we value will ultimately decide what we choose to spend money on for our children. In developing this service, I have learned a lot from speaking to our clients. Many parents who use Helper Bees, value time with their children over housework and chores. They realise that a happy well rested parent will be more patient and attentive to their children’s needs and understand the long-term benefits that being fully present brings to their family.

Though I appreciate that it is important for children to see their parents engaging in household chores, and even help them out, I applaud these parents for recognising and carving out time to focus on their families. Helper Bees can help families in many different ways, so you can put your time and energy into what you value.

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