Helper Bees Values

Helper Bees was created to help families during one of the most special but trying times of their journey. We appreciate the trust it takes to let someone into your home, care for your children and handle your possessions. We only recruit student nurses, midwives and health visitors from London’s leading nursing schools, or nurses who are practicing or retired. We carry out extensive background checks and speak to references to ensure that our Helpers are safe and appropriate. We deliver training to ensure all our workers can support you in whatever challenges you may face. Our Mission at Helper Bees is to:

Our Mission at Helper Bees is to:

Be at the forefront of new-born care, delivering advice, support and training to ensure happy healthy families

Remove loneliness, stress, stigma and despair in families with young babies

Influence policy around newborn and postnatal care

Our Values at Helper Bees are:

Be Honest: be transparent and truthful

Be Accountable: if there is a job that needs doing, we make sure we get it done

Invest in People: We encourage, train and support student nurses, midwives and health visitors

Innovate to Grow: We are interested in people’s suggestions and ideas and how we can grow

Be Family-focused: Helper Bees is not just about helping you at home. It is about giving you the freedom to create great memories.

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