How to make the most of your Helper Bee

Now that help is on its way we want to make sure that you make the absolute most of your opportunity to recharge. Many of us fall into the trap of cleaning up before the cleaner or making dessert for the friend who is meant to be coming with dinner. Make sure you follow our 5 essential tips to ensure you get the most from your Helper Bee experience.

  1. Make a list: Knowing that help is on its way has the ability to minimise our stresses and worries, such that when the help does arrive, we often forget what we needed help with and struggle to assign tasks. Making a list will make sure you aren’t hit by a huge wave of remorse after the Helper Bee has left and can also help you prioritise tasks in case time is short.
  2. Label your drawers and cupboards with post-its: The aim of getting some help is so that you can escape for a few moments and focus on what recharges your soul. If your Helper knows where cups, spoons, and knickers go they will be able to complete their tasks to your satisfaction without having to bother you with questions.
  3. Don’t fall into the hostess trap: We are coming to help and not have a chin wag (unless of course, that’s why you booked a Helper Bee). So please, resist the urge to entertain us with tea and cakes. Its okay to have a brief chat to familiarise yourself with us and then disappear. Don’t forget this is YOUR time!
  4. Don’t overcommit: It is easy to think that now that you have some help coming you can catch up on all those calls, friends, emails and TV shows you’ve been meaning to get round to. Make another list of how your spend your me-time: start with scheduling some chill out time for yourself, then list the things you want to get done. Be realistic about what you can do in the given time period, then cross off two tasks and extend your chill out session by 15 minutes. Trust me, you’ll thank me for it!
  5. Don’t spy: We understand that your children and your home are precious, we know that it is difficult to trust them to any stranger. So we will do everything we can to help you feel safe and secure about the person we are sending you before they arrive. So that once they are there, you don’t have to hide in the bushes or waste hours watching them on a nanny cam.

Now you sit back, relax and can get excited about the help that is on its way!

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