Is my baby sick?

Figuring out if a change in behaviour in your baby is a sign of illness can be extremely difficult. Babies do not always give us many signs that they are unwell.  Their signs can be subtle, sometimes fleeting and often involve minor changes in things their normal activity.  For example, all babies vomit, but when exactly does vomiting become a sign of illness?

By the time the signs of illness become obvious, your baby could be really sick. As a parent, your instincts will perk up at these small changes, but as babies can deteriorate very quickly, it can be helpful to have a clear guide about what danger signs to look out for and when you need to worry.

I’ve put together a series of posts that describe common danger signs of illness. I asked parents which symptoms worried them the most and they came up with: vomiting, temperature,  jaundice, development and much more.

I hope these series of posts will be helpful in those moments when you aren’t sure whether to go to the hospital or not.  As much as I would like to, I cannot cover every potential illness your baby could get, or all signs of illness they may show. Basically,  if you are worried because of or despite what you read on this blog, please trust your instincts and get a medical professional to examine your baby.

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