Just one night of sleep

While going back to work may seem like a genius way to escape the madness at that a howling infant at home brings, think carefully before you rush into it. Return to work at the wrong time, and it may cost you your job.

Whether it is your turn to tend to the baby or not, the truth is, you are not likely to get a night of good quality sleep with a new-born around. Research from the University of Rotterdam shows that just one night of poor sleep is likely to make you irritable, careless and even more likely to take professional risks. Chronic lack of sleep is even more dangerous and can result in you loosing your job. I know it seems like I am exaggerating so let me explain how this comes about.

The cracks from sleep deprivation start off small and inconspicuous and it is easy to think that a cup of coffee or a quick snooze on the train will help you through the day. As the sleep deprivation continues, routine tasks at work start to seem harder, your concentration fluctuates and ideas don’t seem to flow as easily.  Soon your tolerance starts to slip away, the snapping begins and the zombie glaze appears. At this point, it can be very hard reel back the weeks of damage sleep deprivation has caused. Colleagues may already be avoiding you and supervisors redirecting work to other more focused team members.

Instead of getting to this stage it is important for the working parent to recognise that they too need a good night’s sleep, and make the necessary arrangements for that to happen.

This is where Helper Bees can help. If you have a baby who is not sleeping well through the night and you need help with establishing a sleep routine or even just a one-off break to catch up on some much-needed sleep, we can provide overnight experienced child carers who can make it possible for you to get some rest.

While you recharge your batteries, we will support all of your child’s needs – feeding, bathing, nappy changing, and play. We can also offer support and guidance on getting your child to sleep. Our night shifts typically run from 9pm-7am but we can be flexible and agree on a pattern that suits you.

Click here for more information on how to book services or contact us on hello@helperbees.co.uk


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