Newborn Childcare Home Service in Locksbottom

Looking for a childcare home service provider in Locksbottom? Helper Bees offer specialist childcare services for families with newborn babies aged 0 to 18 months. As childcare specialists, we understand the challenges of taking care of newborn babies. We give you that well-deserved break by ensuring your baby receives the best care.

We look after your baby at home to give you more time to focus on other activities. Not only do we take care of your child at home, we also help you with your chores such as cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping and more. Trust Helper Bees with caring for your child and doing your chores for you, while giving you some much needed peace of mind.

Our childcare packages are tailored to specific challenges that are faced by parents with newborn babies. Our packages are suitable for parents who work from home, plan to have a date night, have difficulty in feeding and more. Our goal is to develop a positive relationship with your child and lighten your load.

Our Team of Friendly Childcare Helpers

At Helper Bees, we only recruit students, nurses and practicing or retired midwives who have relevant qualifications, references and skills. Our staff are trained to recognise illness in newborns, support sleep and feeding difficulties and recognise postnatal depression. We perform background checks with the help of the Department of Barring Services to ensure our childcare providers are the cream of the crop. We also reference check our childcare providers from course tutors and other families they have worked for.

Every childcare provider from Helper Bees strives to enable new parents to rest physically and mentally so they can be in the best state to raise their children. If you are looking for childcare home services in Locksbottom, Helper Bees is the company for you.

Our staff comprises of student, practising and retired midwives. We vet our midwives rigorously and ensure that they have the necessary qualifications, experience and references to deliver excellent home care. They are qualified to care for young children, spot illnesses in new-borns, manage difficulties with eating and sleeping, and recognise postnatal depression and recommend support centres. We also offer childcare insurance.

Our services are available for families residing in Keston. Contact us, and we will deliver you experienced and comprehensive home care services for you and your baby.