We Can Help

We can help with:

  • Care of the new-born
  • Care of the other children
  • Laundry and ironing
  • Home cooked nutritious meals
  • Grocery shopping
  • Cleaning
  • Bespoke packages

We can also help you get through a specific challenge or occasion

Date Night

It’s important to nurture your relationship. We will stay at home with baby while you bring on the romance. Minimum 6 hours evening (may include overnight stay).

Bathtime and Bedtime

Evenings can be particularly difficult for families with a new-born and older child. We’ll sort out bath time, dinner and bedtime for your older child. Minimum 4 hours. Regular booking available at reduced rates.

Difficult Feeding

We have helpers who are experienced in feeding colicky, refluxing and cows milk protein intolerant babies. Recommended 18 hours spread over 3- 4 days: Minimum 6 hours, regular booking recommended


We can provide the practical advice and support that you need to establish breastfeeding at home. Recommended: 18 hours spread over 3-4 days. Minimum 6 hours, regular booking available at reduced costs

Working from home

We can look after the baby for the few hours you need to catch up calls, emails and work from home. Minimum 4 hours.

Weaning Baby off the pacifier

Babies can struggle to come off a pacifier. The screaming and tantrums can wreak havoc on your heart strings.  Let us play “bad cop” and help your baby through this difficult transition. Recommended 18 hours spread over 3 days

Sibling Adjustment

A new baby can cause confusion and behavioural regression in older siblings. Use our experienced sitters for advice and help with housework while you focus on rebuilding a happy family. Recommended 12 hours with regular bookings. Minimum 4 hours.

Special Babies

With our experienced new-born helpers, we can help adjust to home life with a baby or babies, who are coming home from a Special Care Baby Unit.  Recommended 18 hours. Minimum 6 hours

Postnatal depression

Let us take care of your household chores and childcare while you recover from post-natal depression. With experienced helpers we can support your family through this journey.

Moving House

Let our Helper Bee look after your little ones while you pack up or settle into your new home. Minimum 4 hours