Specialist Childcare at Your Service in Petts Wood

As your beautiful family grows, so do the demands on your time and the number of errands you need to run. The tasks can be overwhelming for new mums and dads. You’ll need a break every once in a while, just to make sure that the time you spend with your little ones is quality time.

Helper Bees looks out for the welfare of not only the kids, but also the mums and dads. We provide comprehensive childcare services to parents in Petts Wood with newborns aged 0-18 months. We can help you with all sorts of childcare tasks, like caring for newborn and young children, bedtime, bathtime, feeding or breastfeeding.

Our services extend to household chores, such as doing laundry and ironing, grocery shopping, house cleaning, cooking and even moving house. For parents who need a little more help than that, we create bespoke packages that cover your needs.

Helper Bees also take special childcare cases. If you’re going out on a date night or have difficulty weaning your baby off his or her pacifier, don’t hesitate to call us. No matter your childcare needs, our Helper Bees are up to the task.


Professional and Friendly Child-Rearing Services

Childcare is a special and challenging arena, but our Helper Bees have the training and experience to assist parents in rearing their children. Helper Bees was established by a paediatrician, and we’re highly knowledgeable about the complexities of childcare and nursing. We’re made up of highly qualified, student, practising and retired midwives who have a relevant background in nursing. Taking care of children, spotting illnesses and addressing difficult eating and sleeping habits are part of our skillset. We are also able to recognise postnatal depression in mothers.

Above all, we create an atmosphere of warmth in the houses we serve. Our Helper Bees provide the friendly childcare services that you deserve.

Young parents often invest much of their time and energy in rearing the kids and running the households, sometimes at the expense of their health. So, we help mums and dads take care of the little ones. They can rest and replenish their energy, so they take better care of their families.

Helper Bees offers comprehensive childcare services to households in Petts Wood. Contact us and experience warm and professional services from our highly qualified helpers.