The Helper Bee Story

Since Helper Bees isn’t your ordinary babysitting agency, I thought it would be good to start with explaining what we do and how it a came about. I love babies! I guess this is obvious given that I am children’s doctor after all, but really this is important to the story, so stay with me…

Whenever one of my friends had a baby I would rush over and visit shivering with anticipation of the cuddles that awaited me. Sometimes, thinking I was being smart and strategic, I would hold off my visit until the baby was 3 weeks old,  hoping that by the third week my exhausted friends would just hand their baby over to me and go off for a snooze”.  Genius right? Well NO! I would arrive, with outstretched arms and cooing noises, but instead of being handed a sweet smelling baby, I would be gently guided to an overflowing sink and begged to wash dishes, or hang laundry and I was even once asked to clean the windows (which I did because I love my friends)!

I gladly did all my tasks, silently hoping that I was earning my godmother stripes or even some cuddle time, but after friend number six asked me to make her macaroni cheese and give her toddler a bath, I decided that there had to be a better way for parents to enjoy their new babies without alienating their friends.

So I set Helper Bees, a childcare agency that provides support to exhausted parents of new-born babies (and saves friendships). We send out Helpers to do your household chores, care for your older children and even care for your newborn while you recharge your batteries. We focus on supporting families with babies aged 0-12 months, and you recruit from London’s seven best student nursing and midwifery courses. We don’t tie you into long term contracts. You can book a Helper for however many hours and however many days, whatever arrangement suits you! We believe that life with a newborn baby doesn’t have to be like this!

I really must clarify that right now we only cover the Greater London as we are just starting out. But keep sending in your requests to prompt us and hopefully soon as we’ll be coming to your area!

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