Helper Bees provides specialist home help to families with babies aged 0-18 months. We come to your home to help with care of the new-born, care of the older child, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping… whatever it is that you need to recharge your batteries.

Our short term packages are great for unexpected illnesses, keeping in touch days, coming home with the new-born after discharge and when you hit the wall of exhaustion and need some help to feel like yourself again.

Helper Bees was founded by a children’s doctor with over ten years’ experience in helping babies and their families. Her insight into the pressures families face led her to create an agency that provided reliable and flexible helpers, without parents having to go through a lengthy recruitment process.  She uses her knowledge about what babies need and what student nurses know to ensure that the helpers are qualified, background checked and insured.

Finding the right person to look after your children can be a daunting process. Experience can vary significantly across different childcare providers.  Focusing only on new-born care has enabled us to really become experts in the field.

Dr. Bugembe, Founder of Helper Bees

Why I set up Helper Bees

Raising a child is supposed to take a village, but our generation is parenting more in isolation than ever before. As a paediatrician, I see many amazing mums and dads who just need a break. I created Helper Bees to improve the experience of having a newborn and allow families to focus on creating beautiful memories.

I work with many brave nursing students who have chosen their career despite the current threats to their student funding. Focusing our recruitment on students of midwifery is my small way of supporting these students to make money in a flexible way without compromising their studies. Through my work with nurses ad midwives, I am able to understand exactly what skills they are likely to have at different points in their training and find the right Helper Bee for your family’s needs.