I watched a local show KMJS last Sunday.  It is my favorite show to watch every Sunday they feature interesting topics, features celebrities that are out of the limelight, foods, places, politics, interesting love stories, beauty products, and many others.  These are the reasons why I so loved this show.  I learned, gained more knowledge and information, gives me an idea of nice places to go, and inspired by the different love stories that they feature.  One interesting story they feature last Sunday are women who had the bad experience of the beauty products that they bought online and over the counter.

The story of the three featured ladies is a wake-up call to all of us especially the young ones of today who are so vain.  It is not good to buy beauty products anywhere, or through recommendations, because we have different skin type.  There are products that are good for them but not for us.  It is best to consult the dermatologist first for us to know our skin type, and what products that are safe to use.  It is better to be safe than sorry.  Nowadays, we should be extra careful when buying beauty products because fake ones are on the market at the very affordable price.  So, ladies beware of fake beauty products.