The past week I have attended series of feast. It is too difficult to say no to relatives invites. I ate a lot of meat so to speak. And I feel really bloated. My belly is showing even if I do not eat much. I guess the meat that I have eaten the past week was not totally digested. I have tried eating lots of veggies, especially leafy vegetables but still I feel bloated. Also I was not able to visit the toilet regularly. I should be minimized eating meat too much. However, sometimes I am craving for meat especially when I feel

I have talked to my sister about my problem and she told me to detoxify myself. I have to eat rice, breakfast time only. At lunch, I should only eat steamed sweet potato and at dinner time, I should have steamed carrots. She told me that sweet potato and carrots are good for detoxifying. Thinking about eating sweet potato and carrots is not easy. It would be a struggle for me. But my sister told me that if I want to help myself and think of my health, I should try eating those two and see the result after. The sister has done it as well and she said it will help me.

Have you tried detoxifying yourself? If so, what method/s you applied/used?